Untitled Pop Rock Song 1 – by Tom Snively

My composition “Untitled Pop Rock Song 1” is a rock song I composed in 1996. I had a working title and an idea for lyrics, but I never wrote any lyrics. Now I am putting the song out on the Internet for people to listen to and possibly write lyrics for.

The song features piano and a clean guitar on the verses, a clean and a distortion electric guitar on the choruses, and two distortion electric guitars on the bridge. I play the alto sax over the short intro, over the solo section (third verse), and over the last two choruses.

This is just a demo, and it is kind of a mix of pop and rock. If the lyrics call for more of a pop song, I would probably lessen up on the distortion on the guitars. If the lyrics called for a harder rock song, I would probably replace the saxophone with a guitar solo.

Right-click the “Download” link below to save this to your computer. The podcast episode about this piece is episode 9.

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About Tom Snively

I am a freelance composer and compose and record music in my home studio. I record electronic music such as new age, video game, dance and trance and non-electronic music such as smooth jazz, rock and classical music. Contact me for the following: Commission me to write and/or record your song for you. License one of my songs for your use. Have me record a saxophone part for your song.

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