Logan Ow – by Tom Snively

My composition “Logan Ow” is a short song I created that uses my son Logan’s voice saying “Ow!” It was based on a cute beat-boxing thing we do together.

I played this in episode 9. I then re-mixed it using Steven Slate Drums, and am publishing it here for people to download and share. I talked about this re-mix in episode 10.

Right-click the “Download” link at the top to save this to your computer.

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About Tom Snively

I am a freelance composer and compose and record music in my home studio. I record electronic music such as new age, video game, dance and trance and non-electronic music such as smooth jazz, rock and classical music. Contact me for the following: Commission me to write and/or record your song for you. License one of my songs for your use. Have me record a saxophone part for your song.

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