Late Day Storm – by Tom Snively

My composition “Late Day Storm” is a new age song I composed between May 13-May 16, 2012 in about 9 1/2 hours. It was sequenced in Cubase AI 5, and the only synthesizer used was a Yamaha YPG-235.

The song has an 8-measure chord progression, with 8 chords lasting one measure each: Dm, Gm, Dm, Gm, Ab maj7, Eb maj7, Ab maj7, Eb maj7.

In terms of the form, I borrowed a lot of the ideas from the 1981 Tangerine Dream song “Exit”.

Right-click the “Download” link below to save this to your computer. The podcast episode about this piece is episode 6.

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About Tom Snively

I am a freelance composer and compose and record music in my home studio. I record electronic music such as new age, video game, dance and trance and non-electronic music such as smooth jazz, rock and classical music. Contact me for the following: Commission me to write and/or record your song for you. License one of my songs for your use. Have me record a saxophone part for your song.

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