Monthly Archives: August 2014

027 MMOM-RPSwipe

In this episode, I talk about RPSwipe, a mobile game available now for iOS and Android, and the song and sounds I made for the game. RPSwipe is a mobile game written by Amidos, an Egyptian game developer Ahmed Khalifa. It … Continue reading

RPSwipe OST – by Tom Snively

This is the soundtrack to the mobile game RPSwipe available now for iOS and Android. To download a high-quality version, see my Bandcamp page. Click here for info on RPSwipe. For more information, please see Episode 27. Right-click the “Download” link above to … Continue reading

026 MMOM-IndieQuilt Clips

In this episode, I talk about Indie Quilt, an online game jam for charity, and about 15 30-second songs I wrote to be used in the game. My album, Major 7ths and Minor 9ths is available on Bandcamp at You … Continue reading

IndieQuilt Samples

This is a collection of six 30-ish-second samples available for the Indie Quilt project. For the full playlist of all available clips, please see the SoundCloud playlist. For more information, please see Episode 26. Right-click the “Download” link above to save this … Continue reading