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008 Making My Own Music – The Unity Song

In this episode, I interview Steve Lanciano about producing, composing, arranging, and recording his Christian & Gospel CD “Modern Day Psalms – My Heart Is Fixed” and play a track, The Unity Song (Psalm 133). I start by announcing that … Continue reading

The Unity Song (Ps. 133) – by Steve Lanciano

Steve Lanciano’s composition, The Unity Song (Psalm 133), performed by Leah Smith (featuring Caleb Barnaby, Jurysellis Colon, Chris Degonia, Joe Williams, Kevin Jones & Angelica Bonilla) can be purchased from or from The podcast episode about this piece … Continue reading coming soon

Hi folks. I’ve decided to launch another music-related hobby called In the same way that I can use trumpet and trombone players to record parts for my songs, I can record saxophone parts for other music composers and producers … Continue reading

007 Making My Own Music – Fusion

In this episode, I talk about my jazz fusion piece “Fusion” composed in 1994. I also talk about extended major and extended minor chords. I started by reading an email from Steve Snively and a comment from Viv Black. My … Continue reading

Fusion – by Tom Snively

My composition “Fusion” is a jazz fusion song I composed in 1994. In 2011 I re-sequenced it and recorded myself on the alto saxophone. I chose this song as the theme song for the Making My Own Music podcast. The song … Continue reading