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004 Making My Own Music – Funk (for solo piano)

In this episode, I talk about my composition “Funk (for solo piano)” composed for a composition class at Penn State as an exercise in using perfect fourths. I mention a web page I found with a tremendous amount of information … Continue reading

Powerhouse – by Tom Snively

My composition “Powerhouse” was composed in high school for a standard jazz band. The chord progression (Cm Abmaj7, Bb, Cm) and playing the same/similar melody over the different chords came from my friend Steve Lanciano. This recording has all of … Continue reading

003 Making My Own Music – Powerhouse

In this episode, I talk about my composition “Powerhouse,” composed and arranged for a jazz band when I was in high school. I begin the episode talking about the response to episode 1, Rue’s Whistle. I read a website comment … Continue reading

Fountain – by Tom Snively

My composition “Fountain” was inspired by the fountain outside the old music building at Penn State. The original Fountain melody was composed for a composition class. This piece was sequenced and recorded for an Electronic Music class the following year. … Continue reading