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MMoM-1400-blueIn this episode, I talk about RPSwipe, a mobile game available now for iOS and Android, and the song and sounds I made for the game.

RPSwipe is a mobile game written by Amidos, an Egyptian game developer Ahmed Khalifa. It is inspired by the games Threes! and 2048, and uses the rules from Rock, Paper, Scissors.

I started by making an audio track from the iOS Musyk app. I moved the track into my Cubase project and added reverb and a ping-pong delay. The track plays an Eb pentatonic scale (Eb F G Bb C) so it goes with Eb major chords and C minor chords.

I talked about and played the electronic sounds, all from the Omnisphere synthesizer. I used two tracks of “Singing Reality DRPSwipeistorted,” and tracks of “The Buzz In Jack’s Head,” “Dynamic Crystal Bottle Hits,” “Enyaesque Pad,” and “Waxing Downsaw.” My favorite Enya song is Orinoco Flow. I also recorded a rainstick, and added reverb and delay.

The song has different-sounding sections, and lasts four minutes before it loops. The soundtrack version loops and then fades and is about 4 1/2 minutes. I then played RPSwipe.

I also made sound effects for the game, including paper covering rock, and scissors cutting paper. I also used some of the synthesizer sounds and made sounds that fit in with the song.

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I have a couple new versions of Match Em available. Here is the Indie Quilt version and here is a 10-difficulty challenge version.

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