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Joe-Gilder-Out-Of-IndianaIn this episode, I interviewed Joe Gilder, a songwriter and recording/mixing/mastering engineer in Nashville and host of the Home Studio Corner-Ask Joe podcast. We talked about his song No Time from his first album Out of Indiana.

Joe’s main website is a blog called Home Studio Corner where he makes frequent posts about recording, mixing and mastering. He offers a daily email newsletter. He maintains a YouTube channel with training videos. He also has a nice monthly product called Dueling Mixes.

In my interview with Joe Gilder, we talked about the following:

  • His background with music and recording, working at Sweetwater, and starting HomeStudioCorner.com.MMoM-1400-blue
  • Joe built the audience by creating a lot of blog posts and videos, and connecting with other established music recording and mixing shows like The Home Recording Show.
  • Joe listened to 40 or 50 business audio books. He especially likes *The Go-Giver by Bob Burg, *The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, *Good To Great by Jim Collins
  • Joe talked about moving away from home, getting married, and how much his younger brother grew over the time. Since he does a lot of writing, lyrics are not particularly difficult for him.
  • Recording aux percussion. Joe probably recorded a short sample and looped it on this track.
  • The instrumentation on No Time, two guitars, mandolin, bass, shaker, tambourine, and background vocals. Joe talked about how he writes and records the background vocal parts.
  • The song has an extra dissonant note on the last chord. It is a G chord, one guitar plays G and the other plays Gsus with a C. Joe and his wife were broke and never get to visit home. They finally get a chance to go back to Mississippi but get snowed in at the Cincinnati airport.
  • I then played “No Time.”
  • Joe challenged himself to write 50 songs in 12 weeks. The intention is that 10 of them will be really good and can be used for a new album. He’s a little behind pace, but has already written about 18 songs with a month to go. The next goal will be to record the songs with a group of musicians as a band.

Joe then described his products and services. Go to HomeStudioCorner.com to find out more. You can find his music at JoeGilderMusic.com.

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