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MMoM-1400-blueIn this episode, I talked about and played a song called “Pill” that I wrote and recorded on January 25, 2014 for Global Game Jam.

But first I talked about and played my 2-minute Video Game Music demo reel that is made up from clips of my songs 8-Bit Frenzy, Escape!, Tremble, Follow The Advice Of Your Heart, Rise Above, Do Re Mi, and Lypasi. You can hear my songs on my SoundCloud page or on tomsnively.com.

Chris Kukla told me about Global Game Jam, which is a worldwide event where game developers get together and create games over a 48-hour period from 5 PM Friday to 5 PM Sunday. It took place Jan 24-26th, and there was a location at Camden County College that was only 20 minutes from my house.

I talked about the group I joined, our brainstorming, and the game ideas we came up with, and how I moved my desktop computer and everything I needed to write and record music at Global Game Jam.

The song is 2 minutes with 3 distinct sections, and is designed to loop. The A section is only on the B minor chord. I have a bass on quarter notes and a “haunting sound” from Omnisphere. I then have 5 parts that can be played when you get each of the five colored pills. I played what they each sound like with the bass part.

The B section is Gmaj7, Em, Bm, and I change the hi-hats to a ride cymbal. The C section is double time, and is in D major. I made a couple other changes.

I then played Pill.

You can play Pill from this site.

I did the sound effects for Pill as well. I am going to be focusing on sound design, voice over as well as music so I can be a one-stop shop for all video game audio.

You can play the podcast using the play button at the top of the post, or right-click on the “Download” link to save it to your computer.

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I am a freelance composer and compose and record music in my home studio. I record electronic music such as new age, video game, dance and trance and non-electronic music such as smooth jazz, rock and classical music. Contact me for the following: Commission me to write and/or record your song for you. License one of my songs for your use. Have me record a saxophone part for your song.

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