011 Making My Own Music – A Teenager In Love

Making My Own Music

In this episode, I talk my punk rock cover version of “A Teenager In Love” that I recorded in October 2012. I sing and play the electric guitar, and used synthesizers for the bass and drums.

I’ve been busy with the Revolution Fan Podcast about NBC’s show Revolution. For that podcast, I created a short bumper called “Scientific Revolution.” It is in a similar punk rock bumper where I sing the lead. It inspired me to record my version of “A Teenager In Love.” Around 1995 when I was in the original Philadelphia-base rock bank “They Eat Their Young” we did this punk rock “A Teenager In Love” cover where I sang lead vocals. Now that I have an electric guitar and good amp simulators I decided to record this myself.

I used the Steven Slate Drums for all the drum parts. I used Halion One for the bass, and also made a second softer copy of the bass with some distortion.

I talk a little bit and play “power chords.” On sheet music and on the piano it sounds odd, but on electric guitar with distortion it sounds great.

As I am still a beginner on guitar, I recorded the guitar in 4 tracks. I play the C power chord in one track, the A power chord in another track, and so on. In this way I didn’t have to move my left hand chords during the song. 🙂 I also tuned the guitar for each power chord so it was easier to play. 🙂 I also recorded the drums, bass, and guitar at slower speeds and sped them up to the 200 beats per minute. 🙂 I say that I “cheated” but my wife Jenn was proud of me for understanding it enough to take it apart and put it back together.

I recorded two versions of my vocal and mixed them together.

I used compression, EQ, and reverb on some of the drums, bass, and guitar parts to make each instrument sound a little better.

I still plan on doing a re-mix episode where I play re-mixes of some of the songs I’ve already talked about.

You can also call and leave voicemail  feedback at 631-213-5023. You can leave written feedback in the comments section below, or send me email at  tom@makingmyownmusic.com. Follow me on Twitter at MakingMyMusic.

You can play the podcast using the play button at the top of the post, or right-click on the “Download” link to save it to your computer.

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